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Whether you have a minor scrape or a heart problem, we’ll help you get the right care at the right time. Optum offers both primary care and specialty services. See below to learn about the wide range of care we offer.

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Know where to get care


Your health, time and money are valuable. Most people look for quality, convenient care at an affordable cost. Did you know that your primary care doctor or urgent care can provide all three? The right place to get care depends on your situation. 


Your doctor is your health care partner

Your doctor already knows your health history and what medications you’re taking. When you need non-urgent care, your doctor should be the first person you go to. 

Go to urgent care when your doctor isn't in

Urgent care doctors can help you with illnesses and injuries that aren’t life-threatening. Urgent care is usually fast and easy to get to. You don’t need an appointment and most locations offer extended hours.  

When to go to the emergency room (ER)

Seek ER treatment for chest pain, trouble breathing or bleeding that won’t stop. ER staff can also treat poisoning, major injuries or sudden numbness, among other medical problems.

If you go to the ER for a minor injury or illness, you may have to wait longer than other members with more serious conditions. Also, it's usually more expensive to get care at the ER compared to urgent care. 

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER right away.

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